About Us

Srini started his career during 1996’s in a practicing-chartered accountant Firm in India. During his Audit practice, he handled statutory audits for Banks, Non-Banking Financial institutions, Hospitals, Newsprint circulations, and lottery companies. He has done internal audit for various industrial clients such as Poultry farms, consumer durable, Textile companies. Also experienced in project finance for small and medium sized companies.

He joined with Chola-DBS in the year 2002 as a Credit Officer. During this period, he underwrite retail and corporate funding proposals following strict credit norms. He also handled Collections and follow-up reporting to chief credit officer for maximize recoveries and minimize losses of companies classified loans and exposures that may have resulted from problems or business failures of the borrowers and refer cases to external collection agencies, law firms, etc. Negotiate problem borrowers for recovery strategies and action plan for collection and settlement.

By the end of 2003, joins with Chemoil. It was world largest independent Bunker company, having physical delivery locations across the world. He handled multiple portfolio such as Treasury, financial reporting, Inventory management, Auditing, Trade finance and Risk Management. He is instrumental for opening Chemoil office in Dubai and Fujairah. In chemoil, he learned the trading and market risk management. He contributed for Chemoil’s IPO in Singapore stock exchange. He also involved in Chemoil design and development of Risk Policies and procedures, liaising with external consultants such as protivity & PWC. During this tenure Chemoil’s founder and major shareholders demise resulted the company was sold to Glencore.

Having served various rolls in Chemoil with specialization in Financial Risk Management for 8 years, joins with Gulf Petrochem in the year 2011 (later renamed as GP Global) as head of Risk Management. He has laid the conceptual design and development of Risk Management, Trade Finance for Gulf Petrochem.

  • Design and implement Risk Management policies for commodity hedging, counterparty Risk management, currency exchange and interest rate.
  • Create awareness and understanding of Risk Management to various stake holders for active participation, training and alignment.
  • Lead the business owners in implementation of Risk Management programs by analyzing process, internal controls, establishing limits and conducting reviews.
  • Oversee risk reporting function of daily volumetric Exposures and Mark to Market and VaR reports.
  • Monitor and ensure the dynamic hedging strategies and ensure risk limits.
  • Heading Structured Trade Finance, Finalizing Financing facilities, CMA’s, TPA’s for ensuring working capital management through Borrowing Base, Collateral Management Agreements and Tri-Partite Agreements for Hedges with Banks and Clearing Houses.
  • Overseeing the Traders positions complying with trading and VaR limits. Addressing whenever breach of limits.
  • Managing and administration cashflow and PnL for Clearing account’s and OTC swap settlements.
  • Evaluate, Propose and implement ERP and overall plan and execution of ERP project.
  • Oversee accounting reports are prepared in line with agreed trading, profit centers and geographical classification in line with management overview of business.

We are providing solutions for Oil and Gas industries for managing their Trade Finance, Hedging, Counterparty Risk and Implementation of Trading and Risk Management solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of the oil market, finance and transport, helps professional clients in protecting their margins from the risk posed by notoriously volatile crude and crude derivative prices.